I’m Pro Joe Mixon or Maybe Anti-Amelia

I’m sure that nearly everyone has seen the video by now. Let me tell you what I see.

I see a female push a male. I see a male jump at a female. Then I see a female put one hand on a male’s shoulder or chest and hit him with her other hand. And finally, I see a male respond by punching a female in the face.

Now, let’s try something else. Let’s replace the word female with the word male.

I see a male push a male. I see a male jump at a male. Then I see a male put one hand on a male’s shoulder or chest and hit him with his other hand. And finally, I see a male respond by punching a male in the face.

Why are you all less shocked by the second paragraph? Let’s swap genders in the first paragraph.

I see a male push a female. I see a female jump at a male. Then I see a male put one hand on a female’s shoulder or chest and hit her with his other hand. And finally, I see a female respond by punching a male in the face.

Now you’re angry with the male for starting it but praising the female for ending it.

No. Fuck that. Ladies, you all want gender equality? Great but don’t think for one second that she didn’t deserve what she got. If you hit a man, prepare to be hit by a man and like a man.

Amelia Molitor clearly gestured for him to approach her despite her claims that she was gesturing to another person or persons. I’ve seen that gesture before, Amelia. In the WWE. I’m simply not buying it. You’re also claiming that Joe became “heated and animated” outside the restaurant. That’s funny because I watched the video here. http://www.tmz.com/2016/12/16/joe-mixon-punches-woman-video-released/

I’m not a sports fan, it was one of those things where I got a pop-up notification while using my phone and it loaded. I watched it because I was expecting to see another athlete acting violently toward a female. I didn’t even realize that the man in question was the man who walked through the door. Why? Because he looks calm, cool, and collected.

Now there isn’t any audio but they’ve both accused the other of using slurs. Let’s be adults here. Joe called her friend a fag or fagot and he admits to that. We can safely assume that she called him a nigger. Now, there’s only one reason to use that word. She wanted him pissed.

I’ve raised three children. Two young men and a lovely lady. I’ll tell you one thing, I taught my kids to keep their hands to themselves. All three of them, not just the boys. And I punished them all equally when one of them hit another. I didn’t tell my boys “men don’t hit women.” I told them that gentlemen keep their hands to themselves. I told my daughter that ladies keep their hands to themselves. I’ve also taught them not to hate or call people names, especially derogatory, stereotypical terms.

But, I also taught them to stand up for themselves. Unfortunately, we live in a society where women get away with a lot of shit because of their gender while simultaneously demanding equal rights. So I’ve also told my sons that if a woman puts her hands on him, come and get me. I’ll beat a bitch’s ass for my boys any day.

To make it clear, I was immediately on Joe’s side as soon as I saw the video. However, I’m also a Libra. Normally this means it’s easy for me to see both sides and hard to take a side. This wasn’t the case so I began to look up and read about Mia, as she likes to be called.

All this served to do was to make me dislike the woman. I felt nothing toward her after seeing the video, aside from feeling that it was her fault. After reading up on her, God. I can’t stand the bitch.


Let’s share my favorite quotes and hear my interpretation:

  • Molitor will graduate with a dual degree in philosophy/human relations.
    • So, you’ve dual majored in philosophy and human relations but never learned to keep your hands off of other people?
    • Also you weren’t taught not to call people the “N” word?
  • When Molitor was 5, she bought her mother an “OU MOM” bumper sticker.
    • Maybe we should cut her a break, I don’t know many 5 year olds with jobs or money enough to buy their parents gifts. Must be stress.
  • She was in the Psychology Club.
    • Maybe this is where she learned to push people’s buttons enough to make them punch her in the face so that she could sue them and bask in all the attention that she craved.
  • “I don’t want to make excuses for myself,” Molitor said. “I accepted responsibility for my actions and all the consequences. The important thing is I learned from my mistakes.”
    • Hopefully you’ve learned not to get busted for pot.
    • You need to learn that the red lipstick looks like shit on you.
  • “And I don’t believe the mistakes I made have anything to do with what happened on July 25, 2014.”
    • So what you’re saying is that your actions on that day, including pushing and hitting another person weren’t mistakes. I will assume that you did those things purposefully then.
  • Friends took Molitor to Norman Regional Hospital, where she was treated and released several hours later.
    • She was released several hours later? Does that mean that she didn’t have to have surgery?
  • She left with pain medication and no knowledge that she had been struck by one of the most ballyhooed recruits in OU history.
    • And after she found out, she called a lawyer because she saw bigger dollar signs than she had initially seen?
  • Mia Molitor wanted to talk. Wanted people to know her story.
    • Because she craved that attention.
  • Mixon had been charged with a misdemeanor, acts resulting in gross injury. He eventually reached a plea agreement with the Cleveland County district attorney and completed a one-year deferred sentence, 100 hours of community service and cognitive behavior counseling. Bob Stoops had suspended Mixon from all football-related activities for the 2014 season.
    • This man paid for your bullshit, Mia.
    • I hope he files a counter-suit.
  • “I was made to feel like I’m not here,” Molitor said. Then, without a drop in the strength of her voice, she added, “I think I matter.”
    • Of course you do, you’ve got an over-inflated ego.
  • “I’m not a quitter.”
  •  A patron awhile back leaned over the bar, got near Molitor’s face and asked, “How’s Joe doing?” “What compels people to do that?” she asks.
    • “What compels people to shove and hit others and call them the “N” word?” I ask.
  • “They expressed gratitude for me letting them in. There are some great guys on the team. I would say I’m still a fan. It was helpful for me, to know these guys did care about me and didn’t judge me.”
    • They were grateful because you allowed them to befriend you? Mama Mia! Your ego is showing again.
  • She says she would like to start her own nonprofit organization, focused on abused women and children abroad. “There are countless places where this happens, with no repercussions,” Molitor said.
    • Bitch, you weren’t abused. Stop playing the victim.
    • He paid the price already. And he’s still paying for it.
  • Her jaw no longer is wired shut. Neither is her voice. Mia Molitor matters.
    • Mr. Berry Tramel, You can’t wire someone’s voice shut.
    • Of course she matters to you, you need people to read your otherwise well written article.
  • The authorities admit that the N-word was used, but was said about Mixon and not directly to Mixon.

So, in short, all that I’m saying is that if you think poorly of Mr. Joe Mixon, you’re wrong.

Go Joe! And know you’re not alone.




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